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Lower Total Project Expenses

Used robots are a great way to start your journey of automation, or increase operations with your existing robotic system. Acieta is proud to provide quality used FANUC robots with the same function of new robots, but at prices up to 40% lower. All Acieta used robots are protected by Acieta’s limited warranty and are checked thoroughly prior to sale and come with a complete field service report.

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Benefits of Buying Used Industrial Robots

Improve project ROI: A used robot can lower total project expenses and reach your ROI goals even faster.

Immediate availability: With manufacturers in every industry scrambling to implement robotic automation, delivery dates on some models can be frustratingly long. In contrast, the used FANUC robots shown on our website are available right now.

Direct replacement: Many manufacturers work their robots hard. When it comes time for replacement, rather than re-engineer a proven line, a used robot of the same model makes for a quick and easy swap.

Find Your FANUC Robot

As a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, we sell only FANUC robots. The FANUC portfolio of robots ranges from compact to large, heavy-duty. Other types include SCARA configuration robots, high-accuracy robots and even collaborative robots.

The used FANUC robots for sale on our website are all high-quality arms with many productive years ahead of them. The list of available equipment changes all the time, and are ready to be immediately shipped. Take a look at our current used robot inventory.

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Maximize your output and increase production with used FANUC robots from Acieta.

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