Acieta Service

Acieta’s experts offer extended services to ensure your long-term success

24/7 Technical Support and Service

Acieta’s Service Experts are staffed 24 hours 7 days a week to provide technical support and service to our customers across North America. If your robot is down, our team prioritizes your call. Most issues can be diagnosed or solved virtually, providing immediate resolution. If parts are needed, we can ship multiple options and you can return what is not needed when Acieta completes the service work.

Acieta stands by our one-hour call back guarantee for every customer, any time of the day.


The Acieta team offers regular training opportunities for our new and existing customers.  From basic operator to full programming and maintenance, Acieta is also able to tailor classes to fit your team’s needs. Customers are welcome to take training courses at our Iowa or Wisconsin locations.

Alternatively, we offer customized on-site training sessions where Acieta trains your team on your particular systems and set up. Take a look at our training schedule for more information

Robot Repairs

As a FANUC Authorized Servicing Integrator, our engineers are pre-approved to perform warranty repairs on FANUC Robotics’ products, so Acieta customer repairs are completed efficiently and quickly. Much like any other industrial machine, robotic integration systems require maintenance and repairs over time.

Acieta’s certified maintenance technicians will help give you peace of mind that your system stays as productive as the day it was first installed.

Preventive Maintenance

The Acieta team collaborates closely with you to customize a preventive maintenance schedule that aligns with your timetable and your application’s specific requirements. Implementing preventive maintenance is the most effective method to prolong your robot’s lifespan and help avoid unexpected downtime. We strongly recommend that new customers arrange an initial benchmark assessment to guarantee optimal system efficiency and then establish a tailored preventive maintenance plan based on that assessment.

On-Site Acieta Staff

Having an on-site Acieta staff member who is trained in maintenance and other services is an excellent way to ensure the reliability and longevity of your systems. We have Acieta team members across the country who are integrated into our customer’s teams for on-site maintenance. Contracts can last for a specified amount of time or as an open-ended permanent team member, and can be cancelled at any time.

Service Agreements

Acieta offers service agreements to assist with everyday needs and parts management to preventative maintenance and other service needs. Service agreements are often created to be high-volume or long term, depending on your needs. 

Additional Services

  • Automation Programming Modifications
  • EOAT Cable Management/Retrofits
  • Mechanical Retrofits and Mods
  • Offsite Robot Rebuilds
  • Parts Management
  • Robot and Equipment Relocation
  • Safety Evaluations
  • Vision Updates and Repairs

Acieta is Your Best Service Partner

Regular Maintenance and Service is the best thing you can do to protect your robotic automation investment. The Acieta team has worked with thousands of customers across North America to ensure their systems are running efficiently and will offer the best possible ROI.

For questions about service or maintenance options, contact our service team at 844-4-ACIETA or Contact Us.

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