Robot Preventive Maintenance

Eliminate avoidable downtime

Preventative Maintenance is essential to maintaining the health of your robotic automation system and eliminating avoidable downtime. It ensures long term ROI, keeps you in production and minimizes downtime. Acieta offers extensive preventative maintenance programs so your robot can remain operational 24 hours a day.

The Acieta Preventive Maintenance Program

Our Preventive Maintenance program assures correct preventive maintenance is scheduled and performed by qualified FANUC trained personnel, helping to avoid premature mechanical and/or electrical failure. Benefits of the program include:

  • Control and vision software backups for quick software restore of programs and system software
  • Correct installation of FANUC recommended lubricants and parts
  • Decrease machine down time and production loss
  • Consistent inspection and testing for worn parts
  • Service and parts can be scheduled outside of normal production hours
  • Can be scheduled up to 12 months ahead of time guaranteeing times and rates
  • Avoids improper functioning, whether due to dirty sensors and optics, fluid leaks, or other problems

Robot Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Industrial robot maintenance should be an integral part of your overall maintenance plan. While manufacturer specs differ, FANUC robot preventive maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer after 11,520 hours of use or one calendar year — whichever is earlier.

Invest in the Future of Your Robotic Automation System

Your FANUC robotic maintenance plan is not only important to the quality of the finished product, but critical to productivity. Poorly maintained robots may take longer to carry out operations or may lead to rework or increased part rejections.

Maintenance extends the life of your equipment exponentially, helping you see a strong return on your investment, both in equipment and maintenance.

Preventative maintenance includes:

  • Robot Inspections – a thorough review to identify performance problems and worn parts that need to be addressed.
  • Grease/Oil Changes – to ensure extended robot longevity and detect problems early.
  • Control and Vision Software Backups – ensure quick software restoration in the event of a failure or accidental data deletion.
  • Controller Checks – to avoid premature failure of the controller and its internal components.
  • Teach Pendant Checks – in order to keep the teach pendant in top condition. Rentals are available if a pendant is sent out for repair.
  • General Cleanings – to remove dirt and grime that can build up

When Our Customers Succeed, We Succeed

— Reid Fauska - Engineering Technician at Mid-States Aluminum Corp.

“Thanks to Acieta’s preventative maintenance program performed every quarter on our robots, we’ve saved countless dollars and downtime. Preventative maintenance allows us to predict and plan for repairs instead of incurring costly downtime when a problem happens unexpectedly.”

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