Welding & Fabrication

Labor shortages, shorter lead times, and international competition are putting overwhelming pressures on fabricators. Robotics may be your solution to these problems.

Robotic Fabricating and Welding

Adding a robotic system to fabrication better balances machine utilization throughout the shop because production is more predictable and can be scheduled for maximum productivity. A robot will operate at the same rate throughout an entire shift (or more than one shift), so the exact number of parts completed will be consistent. Compare that to a manual operation in which even the best worker will need breaks throughout the day and will progressively tire and slow down toward the end of a shift. 


Robots are capable of high-speed, consistent and reliable welding performance—all day, every day. A robotic welding cell produces more pieces per hour and per week than in manual operations. Also, there are increased yields because robots provide repeatable quality, so there are fewer mistakes and less scrap. This is especially important for complex, high-value jobs.

Welding robots are best utilized for repetitive jobs, leaving human operators to handle more critical tasks. With few parts needed to set up an automated welding machine, a robot can be programmed to quickly switch between different parts throughout a day, providing higher capacity potential.

Enable designs requiring welds that a human welder cannot make because of restricted access or orientation (which gives engineering freedom to create more innovative products).

Press Brake Operation

Robotic integrated bending systems pick up and insert metal sheet or blanks between upper and lower beams, supporting it while the punch and die close to form the bend. Robots eliminate the dangerous manual process of lifting and holding heavy, large parts near an impingement area. Robotic press brake operation increases machine utilization, improves worker safety and ensures part quality and consistency.

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