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The Acieta Advantage
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Preparing for Future of Manufacturing

Nearly all modern manufacturers have an opportunity to accelerate growth by integrating robotic automation into their facility. With decades of experience integrating industry-leading equipment, Acieta is the right partner to empower customers for the next generation of manufacturing.

Manufacturers do critical work to keep our country operating. Still, with pressing challenges such as labor shortages and unexpected economic disruptions, it’s becoming more imperative that they are prepared to weather the ups and downs with confidence.

Long Term Partner for Fast ROI

Acieta serves as a long-term partner in automation integration, across a range of industries. Our depth of technical knowledge and industry experience gives us the insight we need to develop the right solution for the needs of our customers, their challenges, and support you during and beyond the entire process.

Our team works with yours to identify where automation can have the most significant impact, often starting with a low-commitment solution to offer a desirable ROI. We offer standard solutions and custom integrations so that we can bring you a solution that’s both robust and capable, and at a reasonable investment.

The FANUC Difference

As an exclusive FANUC Authorized System Integrator and Certified Servicing Integrator, we connect you with industry-leading robots and automation solutions, so that your investment is reliable out of the gates and long-term.


✓ Over 5K robotic automation solutions integrated across North America
✓ 37 years of robotic automation experience
✓ A large, experienced team of world-class engineers and support staff
✓ Award-winning integration
✓ Dedicated Project Manager for every automation rollout

Industry Leading Experts

✓ On staff, industry-recognized subject matter experts
✓ Certified RIA integrator
✓ Master Certified FANUC Team Members
✓ Engelberger Robotics Award-Winning leadership
✓ Continuous education training

Products and Service

✓ FANUC - Highest quality components
✓ World-class in-house team ensuring the best system possible
✓ Seamless transition into service due to in-house service department
✓Continuous technology and safety updates
✓ 24/7 service department ready to help

Life-Long Partnership for Long Term Growth

As an Acieta customer, you can be confident that our dedicated team is committed to not just your success, but to empower you as a top supplier to your customers.

We value this through every reach of our organization, so that no matter which team members you work with, you are undoubtedly supported with Acieta’s knowledge, responsive service, and the automation you need to rise to the top of your industry.

Quantitative Benefits of Automation

✓ Improved safety
✓ Improved employee engagement
✓ Higher productivity
✓ Increased throughput
✓ More sustainable practices
✓ Less waste
✓ Less scrap
✓ More floor space
✓ Lower long term labor costs

Some great benefits of robotic automation from a few of our customers who embraced technology are:

Increased marketability

Customers have attracted new customers because they are seen as progressive

Making room for innovation

Our automation solutions sped up production so customers were able to market customized products because their team was freed up to focus on innovation

Stopgap during unexpected downtime

Through unplanned downtime, including the onslaught of COVID-19, robotic automation has ensured their employees are safer and has minimized the financial impact of downturns

Ease of succession planning

The transition into robotics has helped ease the labor gap as boomers continue to retire

How to Partner with Acieta

As life long partners, we ensure our robotic automation solutions can be scaled up or down to meet adjusting needs through the years. It’s one of several ways we work to protect our manufacturing customers as they continue to embrace progressive technology solutions. See our Robotic Solutions for more detail.

Our Locations

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