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Increase throughput and accuracy while reducing your costs

At Acieta, we understand the unique challenges faced by manufacturers across various industries. That’s why our custom automation solutions are designed to streamline your operations, enhancing speed, seamlessness, and safety like never before. Our approach to automation is not just about improving processes; it’s about delivering measurable benefits in throughput, accuracy, and cost efficiency, ensuring a long-term return on your investment.

Our solutions are particularly valuable in addressing today’s pressing issues, such as labor shortages and the need for increased productivity. With custom automation, you can significantly enhance production efficiency, staying ahead in a competitive market. Each solution is tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.

As a leading Certified FANUC Authorized Servicing Integrator and a certified integrator with A3 Robotics, Acieta brings over 40 years of experience to the table. Our team’s expertise goes beyond addressing singular applications; we focus on creating solutions that tackle your unique challenges and meet your specific goals, enhancing every aspect of your business operation.

Choose Acieta for automation solutions that are more than just robots – they’re a step towards enhanced efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing processes.

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Central United Corporation

“We wanted to integrate existing and new cells– Acieta listened to our needs and integrated our feedback into their design. They retrofitted the existing components and it ended up being a simplified and efficient operation, more operator friendly.”

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“Acieta customized automation solutions combined multiple applications across facilities into one application in one facility, saving trucking and warehousing costs, labor costs, and creating more consistency in our products.”

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“Since we’ve integrated Acieta automation, we’ve reduced our production square footage by almost 80%.”

Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with robotic solutions from Acieta. Our custom robotic cells are designed to effectively solve labor and capacity challenges with a quick ROI.

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