Step into the future of manufacturing

Manufacturers have modernized, and with the help of growing technology like robotic automation, manufacturing practices are now safe, engaging, challenging, fun and rewarding. The world is embracing automation and robotics, and we’re looking for others who want to help us shape the future of automation.

Our technology will only continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the stability of North American manufacturing industries. We are looking for team members to help us shape the technologies that will grow our industries, economies, and impact the lives of generations to come.

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Being a member of the team at Acieta

Experience the power of collaboration and innovation at Acieta. Our team-driven approach ensures that every member feels valued and supported, making a real impact in the world of robotics and automation. With a culture focused on continuous improvement and shared success, Acieta is the ideal place for those looking to grow their careers and be part of a dynamic, forward-thinking company. Watch our video to see why Acieta is the perfect place to build your future.

You Are Valued Here

At Acieta, our team members play a direct role not only in the success of our business, but the success of every single business we partner with. Our team members are our greatest assets, and we work hard to ensure anyone who joins our team has an opportunity to build their ideal career with us.

Our employee-first philosophy means we work with individual team members to create a workflow and balance that works best for you. Our values of trust and open communication allow us to openly discuss what’s working, what’s not, and what changes we can make to ensure you have the best experience possible on our team.

We train our team, and create paths for career growth – even if you have little to no experience. We transition those from crossover careers to ensure you have the tools and support to grow with our company.

In an industry that is ever evolving, you’ll always have new ideas to explore, and here at Acieta, we embrace change as the opportunity to set the pace of advancing technology, to building career skills that are always in demand and will ensure each team member is one of the industry’s best and brightest.

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The key ingredient to success at Acieta is passion

At Acieta, success is driven by passion and a commitment to continuous learning. We value team members who are enthusiastic about robotics and technology and who constantly seek to expand their knowledge and skills. This dedication to growth not only fuels personal development but also propels our collective innovation and success. If you have a passion for progress and a desire to learn, Acieta is the place where you can thrive and make a real impact.

— Jake Corning, Regional Automation Manager - Standards

“I love working at Acieta because we have a team of really talented people to learn from and I get to be involved in a variety of interesting and unique projects.”

You Are Valued Here - Acieta Careers

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