Tailored to enhance your team’s skills

Tailored to Enhance Your Team’s Skills

Training classes are back in session. Well-educated operators, programmers, and technicians are the key to your robot’s productivity, so schedule a training session at your facility or register for classes at our Wisconsin and Iowa locations.

Safety Precautions

We’re taking these precautions to safeguard customers and employees: reduced class sizes to promote social distancing, temperature checks and face masks for all students and teachers, and frequently sanitized training rooms and robots.

Face mask, sanitized, temperature checks, distancing

Better for Production

Proper hands-on training on robotic automation equipment is important to ensure your investment is always operating at optimal levels. Trained employees have higher production time, fewer errors/re-works, and cause less damage to products and systems.

Better for Employees

Today’s labor shortage makes it hard to find and retain skilled workers. Training is a great way to encourage employees to have more interest and investment in their work, thus promoting employee loyalty and engagement. A well-trained robot operator will have more confidence and job satisfaction.

Customized Training

Acieta offers training tailored to your specific needs: For individuals or groups At your plant or our training facilities Hands-on experience with your specific robot models/systems Adjusted for the skill level you specify.

Learn more about the specific training for each of our locations:

Iowa training schedule

Wisconsin training schedule

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones: