FastFLEX® Versatile Cobot

Where flexibility meets productivity

Flexibility to keep your shop productive

You’ll discover the incredible potential for increased productivity as soon as it becomes a part of your team. FastFLEX is your trusted companion for palletizing, material handling, and welding, guiding you towards maximum efficiency.

A collaborative FANUC CRX-25iA robot, powered by a standard 120 VAC outlet, working seamlessly alongside your team, without the need for fencing or area scanners. That’s the power of the FastFLEX. It’s like having a dependable co-worker who’s always ready to lend a hand (or in this case, a robotic arm).

We’ve designed the FastFLEX with ingenuity in mind. It features a mechanism that allows you to attach up to four carts securely. Why is this a game-changer? These carts can be customized to hold various parts for welding or those raw/finished parts waiting for their turn on the machining stage. It’s the ultimate shop assistant, adaptable to your specific needs.

Need to relocate your FastFLEX? No problem. We’ve equipped it with user-friendly casters, making it simple to move around your shop. Whether you’re clearing slugs off your saw, loading/unloading your machine tool, or taking on the next big order, the Acieta FastFLEX gives you the flexibility to keep your shop humming with productivity.

Palletizing Perfection

Say goodbye to palletizing headaches. With its innovative design, FastFLEX ensures consistency in every palletizing application.

Machining Efficiency

Use the FastFLEX to hold raw/finished parts for machining, streamlining your workflow.

Welding Made Easy

FastFLEX is your go-to for parts waiting to be welded. The customizable carts ensure your materials are ready when you are.

FastFLEX Specifications
Overall Length2391 mm (94.2 in)
Overall Width1776 mm (69.92 in)
Overall Height2172 mm (85.51)
System Weight780 kg (1720 lbs)
Robot ModelFANUC CR-25iA Collaborative 6 axis robot
Robot Reach1889 mm (74.37 in) standard
1756 mm (69.13 in) 30 kg optional
Max Pallet Dimension1219×1016 mm (48×40 in)
Additional dimensions available upon request
Max Pallet Height250 mm (9.84 in)
Max Payload25 kg (55 lbs) standard
30 kg (66 lbs) optional
Min Box Height144 mm (5.67 in)
Gripper OptionsAcieta vacuum gripper
Gripper OptionsTwo jaw gripper or three jaw gripper
Max Part WeightTwo jaw gripper (7 kg) and three jaw gripper (15 kg)
Max Robot Payload25 kg (55 lbs)
Max Part Width/Diameter2 jaw gripper 158 mm (6.22 in) and 3 jaw gripper 150 mm (5.91 in)
WC (Weld Cart) Length1574.8 mm (62 in)
WC (Weld Cart) Width965.2 mm (38 in)
WC (Weld Cart) Height939.8 mm (37 in)
WC (Weld Cart) Weight w/Welder385.6 kg (850 lb)
AWC (Weld Table) Dimensions1174.8 mm x 965.2 mm (46.25 in x 38 in)
AWC (Weld Table) Max Part Weight340.2 kg (750 lb)
Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with the FastFLEX Versatile Cobot by Acieta. Our standard robotic cells are a cost-effective introduction to automation, designed to solve labor and capacity challenges, fast.

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