Choosing A Robotic System Integrator

A robotics integrator is a key part of automation implementation, whether a new system or an expansion of automation. What does a robotics integrator do?  They work with you to understand your existing capabilities and processes; determine how automation can provide the maximum benefit to your efficiency, productivity and overall operations; and customize a system to your needs. Quality robotic integrators specialize in robotics integration, offering focused expertise in designing, implementing, operating and maintaining your robotics system to see the best ROI. A FANUC Authorized System Integrator offers the added benefit of certification and specialty with FANUC robots, the highest standard of automation.

Robotic Systems Integration Optimized for Your Business

Integrators who are members of North America’s largest automation trade association, A3 are certified robot integrators who have successfully completed a rigorous organization/infrastructure compliance program to ensure they are recognized for their capabilities and high level of experience and expertise. All designed to help yield superior solutions that are thoroughly designed to maximize your ROI and value.

A FANUC and RIA certified robotic system integrator looks beyond any single application to make sure that your automation solution enhances every phase of your business.

Top things to consider when selecting a robotic integrator

  1. Is the Company Credible?
    Your integrator’s reputation and track record are critical. Make sure the robotic integration company is highly experienced and has industry and association memberships.
  2. Does the Company Understand Your Business?
    Your integrator should have extensive design, build and installation experience, with hands-on expertise developing robotic systems integration in your application. A top-flight integrator helps you find solutions that improve all aspects of your operation.
  3. Who Will Keep You Updated on System Progress?
    Keeping you informed at every step is vital for a successful integration. The best integrators offer a designated project manager to supervise all aspects of the project, including the scope of work, team transitions, internal and customer run-offs.
  4. How Good Is Their Service?
    You should expect your integrator to have trained technicians for your service needs and have a strong reputation. Our emergency service is available 24/7 with a 1 hour call back. Consider how many service engineers are available and whether service consists of on-site repairs only or also includes process improvement, preventive maintenance and remote troubleshooting.
  5. Are You Buying the Right System for Your Application?
    Your robotic integrator should explain the system features and how everything will work together to deliver the best results.
  6. How Transparent and Precise Is the Quotation?
    A trustworthy integrator will include and detail everything in the quotation, including responsibility areas and timetables.
  7. Is the System Safe?
    Ensure that the system meets industry and your own company’s safety standards. The integrator should offer safety audits to accommodate any special requirements. Being a certified integrator with an RIA certification is ideal.
  8. Can You Get Spare Parts When Needed?
    An integrator should stock spare parts so that you can receive them quickly, including ordering availability 24/7.
  9. Is Training Provided?
    Your integrator should provide training to your employees once the system is in place, along with ongoing training, support and maintenance.
  10. Can You Rely on the Company Year In and Year Out?
    The best robot integrator choice has the financial strength and longevity to stand by your side as a long-term strategic partner. This may not necessarily be the cheapest solution upfront, but it delivers far greater value over time.

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