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FANUC Automation: Leading End-To-End Integrator

FANUC robots are used in factories around the globe to help manufacturers improve quality, increase capacity and overcome skills shortages. Robots build products too intricate for human hands to assemble, prepare pharmaceuticals in aseptic conditions and protect workers from dangerous or harmful environments. Automated robotic systems benefit manufacturers of every scale and in every industry.

Robotic systems can be complex, demanding a deep understanding of industrial robotics technology and extensive integration experience. This is where Acieta excels. FANUC industrial robots are some of the most sophisticated robots in the world, and Acieta puts them to work.


FANUC is an automation company specializing in advanced robotic arms for manufacturing. FANUC robots incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, like 3D vision systems and force sensing, to take on an almost every manufacturing task imaginable. With more than 100 models, FANUC has a solution for every task, ranging from compact five- and six-axis articulated robots to huge machines with long reach and massive payload capabilities. These options include painting robots, high-speed “delta” robots, and the CR-35iA “collaborative” robot that needs no guarding.

FANUC Integration

Putting FANUC industrial robots to work means interfacing them with other production equipment, such as intake and output conveyors and handling devices. In addition, a robot needs a hand at the end of the arm, such as a gripper to pick up small parts, a welding torch or a spray gun. Putting all these components together is the job of the integrator, and very often an integrator’s choices, knowledge and experience can dictate the difference between success and failure.

The Acieta Edge

Acieta has partnered with FANUC for nearly 40 years. We were one of the first robot integrators to partner with FANUC America, and today are one of the largest in North America. At Acieta, knowledge and understanding of FANUC products runs deep.

Successful robotic integration takes more than hardware knowledge and programming skills. It starts with defining requirements and creating solutions by drawing on deep experience to suggest and evaluate options. Then the design work starts. A rigorous project-management process ensures hitting every milestone on time. True integration experts make sure the automation components all talk to one another. Next, Acieta writes software, plans motion paths offline, then provides touch-up and refinement once the system is together. Acieta even provides training so internal workers maintain and expand their own FANUC automation systems without calling for an outside technician.

End-to-end integration means Acieta handles the whole job from start to finish. We work with manufacturers to develop automation solutions using industry-leading FANUC robotics products. As an Authorized FANUC Integrator, Acieta provides best-in-class integration coupled with ongoing FANUC robot service, help and support whenever needed.

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