Flex Financing

Finance Options:
Lease, Finance or Purchase

Get back up to optimal production and stay competitive with robotic automation. Choose to lease, finance or purchase your robots now and immediately reap the benefits of robotic automation.

Lease Your Robot

Get a robot without committing to ownership.

Want to implement automation in your facility without any upfront costs? Leasing allows you to make payments over time, so you only pay for the time you use the robot. When the lease is over, either keep your robot or return and choose a new one with the latest technology available.

The credit approval process is fast and painless, so you can be approved in 24 to 72 hours. You choose how long you want to lease. (3-7 year leases available.)

Leasing benefits

  • No money down
  • Spread out payments over time
  • Return the equipment and upgrade to new technology after lease ends
  • 90-day payment deferral on standard and custom* automation solutions
  • Full service and support from Acieta

Finance Your Robot

Want to save cash up front, but you need a robotic solution now?

With financing options from Acieta, enjoy the immediate benefits of robotic automation without committing to a large, upfront capital expense.

Three simple steps:

  1. Apply for credit (simple, fast form)
  2. Get approval (24-72 hours)
  3. Order your robot (improve productivity)

You’ll see cost benefits from day one.

Financing benefits

  •  No money down
  •  Spread out payments over time
  •  Own the equipment after final payment completed
  •  90-day payment deferral on standard and custom* automation solutions
  •  Full service and support from Acieta

Purchase Your Robot

Save interest costs and generate both faster returns and positive cash flow when purchasing.

Have peace of mind for total ownership of your system and no outstanding liability to a third party.

If you’re thinking about integrating robots into your operation, now is the perfect time to make an investment. Because of improved productivity and lower operating costs, robotic system users usually see an ROI in about 12-24 months.

Purchasing benefits

  •  Tax breaks from federal government
  •  Own the equipment after payments completed
  •  Opportunity to upgrade and modify equipment at any time
  •  Full service and support from Acieta

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