Robotic Gripper Systems

Robust and reliable gripping solutions

Acieta utilizes “best in industry” robotic grippers from quality manufacturers such as FANUC, Schunk and On Robot. With Acieta’s expertise in designing and building custom gripper fingers and attachments, you can be assured that you’ll have a robust, reliable gripping solution to fit your application.

The right gripping system increases robotic cell flexibility by supporting varying manufacturing requirements. Coupled with adaptable programming, grippers make it possible to repurpose or redeploy robots in multiple applications.

Astrictive Grippers

Astrictive grippers use magnetism or vacuum to hold workpieces. They work best with flat or smooth surfaces.

Impactive Grippers

Impactive grippers use jaws to grasp and divide into two-jaw and three-jaw options.

Two-jaw grippers

The two-jaw grippers use a pincer movement that closes onto and grips the workpiece. There are designs for both parallel and scissor-style movement and they can be either pneumatic or servo-actuated. These are good for grasping prismatic shapes with flat sides.

Three-jaw grippers

Three-jaw grippers split into two further types. The most widely used look like the jaws of a chuck and grasp short, cylindrical shapes. Three-jaw gripper systems are also used for grasping long shafts, tubes or bars. This type is designed with two fingers opposing a third.

Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with the Gripper Systems by Acieta. Our high-speed robotic machine tool cells are a cost-effective introduction to automation, designed to solve labor and capacity challenges, fast.

Get In Touch With An Acieta Specialist

The array and complexity of robot gripper types make it difficult to pick the best option. The safest approach is to discuss the specific application with an experienced robot systems integrator. Specialists at Acieta can advise on this and all other aspects of gripper selection.

If you’d like to find out how we can help with robotic gripping systems or your next robotic automation project, get in touch with our team today.