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Acieta, Mid State, RoBEX and +Vantage have united to transform your operations. INNOVATE to get ahead, INTEGRATE for seamless efficiency, and DOMINATE your market. With us, you’re not just prepared for the future; you are forging it.


Forge Your Future with Acieta

With 80+ years of combined expertise in industrial robotic technology, our newly formed automation powerhouse is recognized as a leading force in the industry, integrating over 8,500 automation systems across North America. We go beyond robotic integration—offering tailored solutions, training, and 24/7 service designed to meet the long-term needs of manufacturers.

At the core of Acieta’s philosophy is your success. We aim to empower you with a distinctive automation edge that elevates your position in the market.

Together, our mission is to bolster North American manufacturing with state-of-the-art automation solutions. As a FANUC Authorized System Integrator (ASI), Certified Service Integrator, and A3 Certified Robot Integrator, Acieta is at the forefront of setting industry standards.

Custom Solutions

Our customized solutions effectively address pressing issues such as labor shortages and the need for increased productivity. Each system is carefully crafted to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations. Our strategy extends beyond basic process enhancement—we deliver significant improvements in throughput, accuracy, and cost efficiency for long-term advantages. Explore our offerings: welding, fabrication, material handling, machine tending, gaging, inspection and testing, palletizing, pick/pack/pal, AMRs.

FastLOAD CX1000

Standard Solutions

Acieta recognizes the unique pressures facing today’s manufacturers. Our expansive selection of standard robotic products is engineered to tackle your most pressing shop floor challenges, elevating efficiency, maximizing space utilization, and bridging the gap in skilled labor. Applications span across welding, metal fabrication, material handling, machine tending, precision gaging, meticulous inspection and testing, efficient palletizing, optimized pick/pack/pal operations, and advanced AMRs.

24/7 Service

Our Service Experts are on hand 24/7 across North America, ready to provide expert technical support and service. When your robots are down, we prioritize your needs for quick and effective resolutions. We go beyond reactive support with our proactive preventive maintenance services, allowing you to schedule downtime when it suits you, reducing disruptions and boosting productivity. With our one-hour call back guarantee, Acieta ensures a prompt response at any time. Depend on us for continuous support and proactive maintenance to keep your manufacturing processes operating smoothly.


Well-trained employees are crucial for maximizing the productivity of your robotic systems. Training is essential to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your automation equipment, keeping production high and downtime low. We offer a variety of training opportunities for both new and existing customers, covering everything from basic operation to full programming and maintenance. Acieta can also customize classes to meet the specific needs of your team. Customers are invited to attend courses at either our Iowa or Wisconsin locations. Check our training schedule for more details and to plan your session.

Discover your automation edge with Acieta. Contact us today!