FastARC® CX1000 Cobot

Weld all day, every day

Boost welding productivity immediately

Are you challenged with finding good welders; or even worse, challenged with having your extremely skilled welders spend their day welding rework and repairs, or stuck doing simple jobs? 

Invest in a FastARC CX1000 by Acieta, to take on your shop’s challenges, and get your highly skilled team back to being focused on your more difficult higher return jobs.

Why FastARC?

The FastARC CX1000 cobot is cart-mounted, so it can be moved around wherever you need it in the shop. It’s perfect for low volume-high mix shops because it can be changed over quickly. And because it’s a pre-engineered standard system, it can be available for delivery and installation within weeks.

The FastARC CX1000 cobot is equipped with a FANUC 6-axis, 10 kg capacity collaborative robotic arm and is compatible with Lincoln® Electric and Miller® welders. The FastARC CX1000 system is IP 67 rated with sealed components to work in dirty environments. And the FANUC CRX robot is maintenance free for up to 8 years!

FastARC CX1000 Features

Fast delivery

As a standard cobot, the FastARC CX1000 by Acieta can be delivered to you within weeks so you can ramp-up fast and immediately increase capacity.

Simplified programming

Guide the robotic arm through the weld path manually for fast lead-through programming allowing for quicker job change over. The intuitive interface features drag and drop programming.


Never leave a production line idle again. The FastARC CX1000 can be quickly moved and set up at different lines around the shop.

Consistent quality

Get perfect welds all day, every day.

Eliminate scrap

Robots weld precisely and accurately every time.


Many end-of-arm tooling options for a variety of applications. Can be repurposed for machine tending.

FastARC CX1000 Specifications
CX1000 Base Length838.3 mm (33 in)
CX1000 Base Width844.8 mm (33.26 in)
CX1000 Base Height889 mm (35 in)
CX1000 Base Weight213 kg (470 lbs)
Weld Cart Length1574.8 mm (62 in)
Weld Cart Width965.2 mm (38 in)
Weld Cart Height939.8 mm (37 in)
Weld Cart Weight (w/welder)385.6 kg (850 lb)
Weld Table Dimensions1174.8 x 965.2 (46.25 in x 38 in)
Weld Table Max Part Weight340.2 kg (750 lb)
Overall Base/Cart Attached Length2409.8 mm (94.8 in)
Max Part Height at Robot Full Reachup to 304.8 mm (12 in)
Max Part Height at Table Centerup to 984.3 (38.75 in)
Robot ModelFANUC CRX-10iA/L Collaborative 6 axis robot
Weld Power Source IncludedLincoln® Electric or Miller® Brand Welder
Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with the FastARC CX1000 Cobot by Acieta. Our collaborative robotic cells are a cost-effective introduction to automation, designed to solve labor and capacity challenges, fast.

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