FastLOAD® CR2000 Cobot

Improve productivity, increase capacity

Need to improve productivity and increase capacity, fast? Manufacturers who are positioning for growth are planning for automation. The challenge with adopting complex, custom solutions lies in the time and capital investment for custom integrations.

Acieta’s FastLOAD® CR2000 joins your team, working side by side with the operator. Our unique model leverages a FANUC collaborative robot which does not require fencing, potentially reducing the floor space needs by nearly 80%. The operator works close, loading and unloading parts while the robot works continuously without stopping. Force sensors will stop the robot when pressure is applied, ensuring a safer application for the operator.

Is A Collaborative Robot (Cobot) The Right Fit For You?

Our FastLOAD CR2000 cells were designed to meet the most common machine tool needs, and are a fast way to address labor challenges and increase capacity for shops. FastLOAD provides a cost-effective introduction to Acieta’s premium quality hardware and software.

  • Reliable output every time
  • Lower costs, clear ROI
  • Smaller footprint, less floorspace needed
  • Solve labor shortages
  • Competitive advantage
  • Quick and easy setup
FastLOAD CR2000 Specifications
Overall Length1791.1 mm (70.52 in)
Overall Width1035 mm (40.75 in)
System Weight1040 kg (2293 lbs)
Robot ModelFANUC CR-15iA collaborative 6 axis robot
Robot Reach1441 mm (56.73 in)
Min Part Height20 mm (0.79 in)
Max Part Height250 mm (9.84 in)
Min Part Diameter or Width16 mm (0.63 in)
Max Part Diameter or Width144 mm (5.67 in)
Gripper OptionsTwo jaw gripper for square parts or three jaw gripper for round parts
Grid Plate OptionsSee Grid Plate Options chart
Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with the FastLOAD CR2000 Cobot by Acieta. Our high-speed robotic machine tool cells are a cost-effective introduction to automation, designed to solve labor and capacity challenges, fast.

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