Vision Expertise

Adding Flexibility, Lowering Costs With Robotic Vision Systems

Add a vision system to a robot and you give it eyes. The robot can now find objects in its working envelope — reducing the need for complex and expensive fixtures. This increases the flexibility of robotic automation, adapting to variation in part size, shape and location — ultimately reducing cell complexity. By adding a vision system, robot palletizing and de-palletizing becomes practical, components can be assembled, dies unloaded, and parts lifted off racks and out of bins. It’s even possible to track and pick parts in motion on a conveyor.

In order to be effective, a robotic vision system must be installed correctly and should coordinate with existing machinery and work cells. An integrated vision system ensures that the robot’s function will be accurate, efficient and make the biggest impact on your processes. Your robotic installation should include a control cabinet, connected hook-up cables, setup and operation training.

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