Safely integrate robotic automation

The master electricians here at Acieta have designed thoughtful, pre-built industrial electrical cabinets to help you streamline the design and implementation process when integrating your own robotic system.  Below are just a few of the benefits for using an Acieta custom designed electrical cabinet for your next automation system:

  • Quality ensured

  • Standard programmable safety controller (which uses free programming software)

  • Multiple configuration and integration options

  • External disconnect and voltage test point/indicator to help customers comply with NFPA 70E arc flash requirements

  • Designed for FANUC compatibility, but can work with any system that can act as an EtherNet/IP scanner

  • Electrical schematic drawings included

The sophistication of modern factory automation components has made the design and layout of electrical control cabinets more complex than ever. Equipment safety is a primary concern, and it is essential that every enclosure be configured to ensure near-instantaneous responses to safety related signals, digital input and output signals.

At Acieta, we have decades of factory automation experience and, as a leading FANUC integrator, we are fully conversant with the latest standards, equipment and technologies. The robotic automation services that we deliver help manufacturers lower costs while improving safety and quality. This expertise makes us the ideal electrical cabinet manufacturers to suit your needs.

A pre-built electrical enclosure cabinet from Acieta incorporates everything we have learned over the years about robustness, reliability and ease of integration and maintenance. This extends from the logical layout and EMI protection to the clear labels and quality wire terminations.

Our robust metal cabinets for electrical enclosures provide cooling, safety and equipment protection. It reduces the occurrence of electrical faults and makes maintenance easier while needing to work in an arc flash safe environment. Your electrician will appreciate the thoughtful organization and design considerations, permitting a smooth and hassle-free integration process.

The cabinet can be used as a controller stand for FANUC robot controllers. The controller sits on top of the Acieta electrical cabinet at an ideal ergonomic level, eliminating the need for a separate controller stand.  

We have two models of electrical service cabinets to suit the demands of your operations allowing you to focus on what matters. Our electrical cabinets are optimal for FANUC robotic cells:

Why waste weeks designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing your own cabinet, when you could have an Acieta-certified* cabinet delivered in 2-4 days!

EtherNet/IP protocol for easy IO expansion
Inputs 16 included (expandable) 32 Included (expandable)
Outputs 16 included (expandable) 32 Included (expandable)
External lockable disconnect
Voltage test point/Indicator
Separate high and
low voltage areas
Safety controller
Safety controller inputs 16 safety inputs with
6 Configurable I/O
28 safety inputs with
10 Configurable I/O
Safety controller outputs (2) 2 channel solid state outputs plus (2) dual channel relay outputs available (2) 2 channel solid state outputs available plus (6) dual channel relay outputs available
Motor starter Not included 2 motor starters (with fusing included)
Quick ship
Ship integrated to new robot Available Available
Price $7,995 $9,995
Quality, tested components

Standard Electrical Box Cabinet Inside View

Premium Electrical Box Cabinet Inside View


*Acieta-certified cabinets are built with quality-proven industry-standard components and tested by the Acieta assembly team to ensure turnkey operation on your shop floor. Acieta Electrical Cabinet Warranty

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