Electrical Control Cabinets

Safely Integrate Robotic Automation

Acieta’s electrical metal cabinets protect your valuable electronic equipment. By reducing the occurrence of electrical faults, our cabinets make maintenance easier while working in an arc-flash safe environment. With thoughtful organization and design considerations, installing your electronic systems in an Acieta electrical cabinet is a smooth and hassle-free process.

Each electrical cabinet was designed and manufactured with equipment and team safety in mind. To ensure safe installation and operation, it is essential that every enclosure be configured to ensure near-instantaneous responses to safety related signals, digital input and output signals.

Multiple configuration and integration options are available. While our cabinets are designed for FANUC compatibility, they can work with any system that can act as an EtherNet/IP scanner. The external disconnect and voltage test point/indicator to help customers comply with NFPA 70E arc flash requirements.

We have two models of electrical service cabinets to suit the demands of your operations allowing you to focus on what matters. Our electrical cabinets are optimal for FANUC robotic cells:

  • Acieta Standard Electrical Box Cabinets

  • Acieta Premium Electrical Box Cabinets

EtherNet/IP protocol for easy IO expansion
Inputs16 included (expandable)32 Included (expandable)
Outputs16 included (expandable)32 Included (expandable)
External lockable disconnect
Voltage test point/Indicator
Separate high and
low voltage areas
Safety controller
Safety controller inputs16 safety inputs with
6 Configurable I/O
28 safety inputs with
10 Configurable I/O
Safety controller outputs(2) 2 channel solid state outputs plus (2) dual channel relay outputs available(2) 2 channel solid state outputs available plus (6) dual channel relay outputs available
Motor starterNot included2 motor starters (with fusing included)
Quick ship
Ship integrated to new robotAvailableAvailable
Quality, tested components
Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with the Electrical Cabinets by Acieta.

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Acieta-certified cabinets are built with quality-proven industry-standard components and tested by the Acieta assembly team to ensure turnkey operation on your shop floor.

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