FastBEND Robotic Press Brakes

Acieta FastBEND gives manufacturers an instant competitive advantage.

Bend more
parts – safely

Operating press brakes is a potentially dangerous part of sheet metal forming and metal part fabrication. But what if you could produce more, higher-quality parts without adding risk to your workers?

The FastBEND robotic press brake bending cell can be integrated with new or existing press brakes to process a wide variety of formed parts. It may be outfitted for bin, pallet and conveyor outputs.

Plus, get fast delivery in as little as twelve weeks so you can increase capacity right away.

Do You Need to AUTOMATE Your Press Brake?

  • Does your press brake sit idle during the day?
  • Do you have a lot of quality variances and scrap?
  • Do you lose time in downstream operations due to those quality shortcomings?
  • Do you want to increase capacity overnight or during off shifts or run lights-out?
  • Do you struggle to attract and retain skilled workers?
  • Do your employees experience problems due to straining and repetitive motion?
  • Are you concerned about operator safety around the press brake machines, especially when forming small parts?

If you said yes to any of these questions, FastBEND robotic press brakes could be your solution to address key business challenges, FAST.

FastBEND Features

  • Standard double blank detection, regrip, and gripper storage/queue
  • Standard 3m x 2.5m footprint, with 1.5m of room for manual operations
  • Choose between hard fencing and area scanners
  • Double capacity feature, only 3m x 4.5m
  • Press brake interface, including back gauge fingers and ram position monitoring
  • Choice of tray options in drawer stand:
    • Single stacks of 500mm x 900mm blanks
    • Dual stacks of 500mm x 400mm blanks
    • Brake tooling storage available (w/compatible tooling available from Wilson)
  • Common, one-piece base with integrated utilities and fork tubes for easy installation
  • Integrate to new or existing brakes, most brands, up to 2m bed length
  • Ability to process parts up to 9kg
  • Flexible outbound options, inside and/or chute exiting the cell

Why FastBEND?

The many benefits of FastBEND robotic press brakes give manufacturers and fabricators an instant competitive advantage.

Safer workers

Keep laborers away from the fatigue, strain and potential dangers of repetitive and dangerous press brake operation. Reallocate employees to more valuable jobs.

Fast changeout

Autonomous change out for brake tooling and grippers depending on the options, part and program chosen.

Better quality and less scrap

These automated sheet metal brakes are precise and consistent.

Lower costs, fast ROI

With higher capacity and lower cost per part, most shops see an ROI in 18 to 24 months.

High production

Queue up to 4-6 different parts and set up 725-1,100kg of blanks for bending. Run for hours in lights-out continuous operation.


Many end-of-arm tooling options for a variety of applications. Can be repurposed to tend other types of machines.

Fast delivery

Delivery in as little as twelve weeks, so you can ramp-up fast and immediately increase capacity.

Offline programming

Keep your line moving by programming offline during production.


Works with most press brake brands. Room to operate brake manually when needed.

Automation Partner

Single source your press brake automation - standard and custom solutions for nearly any robotic need, 24/7 service. RIA certified risk assessment included.

FastBEND Specifications
Base Length2440mm (96in)
Base Width1485mm (58.5in)
System Weight2300kg (5100lbs)
Robot ModelFANUC M20iD/25 6 Axis Robot
Robot Reach1831mm (72in)
1 Stack in Drawer500x900x75mm (20x36x3in)
2 Stacks in Drawer500x400x75mm (20x16x3in)
Gripper OptionsMultiple grippers available to handle various blank sizes using vacuum and/or clamps
Developed and Built in the U.S.A.

Maximize your output and increase production with the FastBEND Press Brake by Acieta. Our high-speed robotic machine tool cells are a cost-effective introduction to automation, designed to solve labor and capacity challenges, fast.

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