Limited Warranty

Acieta, LLC. warrants to the purchaser that equipment supplied hereunder will be free from defect in material or workmanship, under normal use, for a period identified in the purchase quote. Should any failure appear during this period, Acieta, LLC shall, if given prompt notice by the purchaser, correct nonconformity at its option, by (I) repair at the job site or (II) repair or replacement of the nonconforming equipment or parts thereof F.O.B. Acieta, LLC designated repair facility. If there is no warranty specified then the equipment is “as is” and no warranty is provided. The Acieta LLC liability is limited to the parts required to repair the covered defect. Repair parts are warranted by Acieta, LLC for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of delivery provided, however, that repairs or replacements to original equipment shall not renew or extend the warranty period of such equipment. Replaced equipment or parts become the property of Acieta, LLC equipment and parts supplied hereunder which have been purchased by Acieta, LLC from other manufacturers shall only have the warranty offered by the manufacturer thereof. Acieta will provide technical support for covered defects in purchased products during this warranty utilizing the technical support hotline. If there is an issue that requires the Acieta LLC to provide onsite service, parts will be covered by warranty. All labor and expenses for travel will be billed to the purchaser at the current service rates. Determination of warranty lies solely with the Acieta LLC and cannot be delegated or assigned to any other party. Items that are not covered by warranty include: normal maintenance, installation, software, neglect, improper storage, abuse, misuse, any direct or indirect costs including but not limited to down time, loss of use, material damages, injury, freight, improper working environment, accessories including but not limited to teach pendants, batteries, cables, HMI, consumables, or modifications of any kind. This warranty becomes void if any unauthorized modifications or service are performed. Determination lies with the Acieta LLC on the type of repair and the means to make the repair on all warranty claims. It may be necessary for the defective item to be returned to Acieta LLC. Acieta LLC reserves the right to request the return of the items with transportation prepaid to Acieta LLC. Acieta LLC is not liable for any repairs or modifications made without the Acieta LLCs written approval and voids this warranty. Any software provided is provided “as-is”. Any software provided is at the customer risk. Acieta LLC will not be held liable for any costs arising from the use of the software. The end user is responsible for all or any additional software or relicensing as needed. Acieta LLC does not guarantee the functionality or performance of any software in any way. Customer agrees to indemnify “Acieta LLC” from any liability arising from the use of any software relating to any products sold to customer. Acieta LLC will not be held liable under any circumstance or conditions by any entity for any damages whether punitive, indirect, consequential, breach of contract, misrepresentation, negligence, or otherwise. Acieta LLC will not be held liable due to any action resulting in loss of interest, impairment of goods, lost profits, work stoppage, business disruption or in any way pertained to the goods sold to which these standard terms apply.

The maximum liability to the Acieta LLC for any claim relating to the products sold will be limited to the repair of the non-conforming product. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of quality or performance, express, implied or statutory including any warranties or merchantability for fitness for a particular purpose.

Disclaimer of Warranties:
Acieta, LLC makes no warranties whatsoever regarding the goods sold by it except warranties expressly set forth on the face hereof and further expressly disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose