Collaborative Robot Demonstrations at Automate 2022

June 2, 2022

Join us at Automate 2022, Jun. 6-9 in Detroit. In Acieta booth 1807, we will feature state-of-the-art welding and loading collaborative robots (cobots) in action.

These standard cobots are pre-engineered, so they’re ready for delivery and installation in just weeks.

  • Perfect for overcoming labor challenges, cobots are lower cost and easier to use than ever before. Even small shops can see immediate increases in productivity and ROI in as little as 6 to 12 months*. (*Average ROI utilizing 2 shifts)

At Automate 2022:

FastARC CX1000 welding cobot
The FastARC CX1000 is making its industry debut at Automate 2022 with a show special price of $109,900 USD. Save your skilled welders for more high-return jobs and leave the simple, repetitive work to the cobot. The FastARC welds all day, every day. Get consistent, high-quality welds and eliminate scrap. Plus, the FANUC CRX robot is maintenance free for up to 8 years!

FastLOAD machine loading cobots
FastLOAD cobots work side by side with the operator. Our unique systems leverage FANUC collaborative robots that don’t require fencing, potentially reducing floor space requirements by nearly 80%. The operator works close, loading and unloading parts while the robot works continuously. The FastLOAD CX1000 unit is mounted on a cart for transporting to where it’s needed around the shop. The FastLOAD CR2000 is ready to tackle your most common machine tending needs.

A FastLOAD CX1000 will also be in action at the OnRobot booth #4118.

Talk with an expert
Want to discuss your automation needs and possibilities with an expert? Stop by the Acieta and OnRobot booths during the show!

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