Date: 12-15-2021
Robotic automation has changed the way manufacturers and fabricators run their businesses. In many cases, robots are helping companies stay online during the last weeks of the year when they would have otherwise been shut down for a holiday break. This provides the opportunity for employees to fully enjoy the holidays. More time at home Robots don’t celebrate holidays, so in some cases, production floors can produce around the clock without human involvement, even in lights-out situations. An employee can check status online to ensure the systems are running smoothly without being onsite. Less stress Robots increase productivity, quality and throughput, helping companies be more competitive and handle more work. This makes it easier to meet customer demands without worrying about labor... Read More
Date: 09-15-2021
We invite you to visit with us at the 2021 Wichita Industrial Trade Show in Wichita, Kansas, Oct. 26 to 28. We will be running two collaborative robot demos in our booth, as well as presenting important information about how robot cells can address key business challenges and boost ROI in no time. ROBOT DEMOS Stop by Acieta booths 64 and 65 to see both FastLOAD CX1000 and FastLOAD CR2000 collaborative standard robotic solutions in action! Acieta FastLOAD collaborative standard robotic solutions are a perfect choice for new adopters of automation and for experienced robot users that want to better leverage their current machine tools. PRESENTATIONSIs Now the Time to Get a Cobot? Learn to identify the signs that you need to add a cobot to your operation and how to calculate a cobot’s ROI.... Read More
Date: 09-15-2021
Acieta FastLOAD CX1000
Join us at WESTEC 2021, Nov. 16 – 18 in Long Beach, Calif. In booth #2122 as well as join our discussion addressing labor shortages and increasing future growth! ROBOT DEMO Stop by Acieta booth 2122 to see the new collaborative FastLOAD CX1000 expandable robotic solution in action. See why it’s been called the easiest and most flexible robot ever! PRESENTATIONAdapt Your Manufacturing Process: Do More with Less Hear real-world examples of how automation has helped companies address labor shortages, increase capacity, and position their business for future growth. Speaker: Tyler Acheson, Regional Automation Manager - Standards, Acieta Tue., Nov. 16 at 12:00 PM at the SME ZONE SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION Want to talk with an Acieta expert about your company’s manufacturing challenges? Schedule a... Read More
Date: 09-09-2021
FANUC robot
Acieta is bringing its deep technical knowledge and industry experience in robotics to FABTECH 2021, and we invite you to join us. Labor shortages, shorter lead times, and international competition are putting overwhelming pressures on manufacturers. Robotics may be your solution to these problems. We help manufacturers do more with less. At FABTECH 2021, Acieta experts will be presenting important information about robotic automation and how it’s advancing the manufacturing industry.  In addition, Acieta experts will available to speak one-on-one with companies about their specific manufacturing challenges. PRESENTATIONS Position Your Business for Future Growth & Speed Up the Workforce with the Automation Process Hear real-world examples of how automation has helped industry... Read More
Date: 11-23-2020
Prepare for the Unexpected with Acieta Automation
Around the world, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers have had to completely pivot normal production to accommodate higher demands, a dwindling workforce, and more regulations on how to safely move forward. Though no manufacturer looks the same, those who have started their journey into robotic automation are experiencing an often unspoken benefit of automation: the ability to continue production during unexpected downtime. MANUFACTURERS MAKING HARD DECISIONS Manufacturers are split into two categories: essential and non-essential. Both groups are experiencing different, unprecedented problems. The essential businesses are being hit hard with rising demands, fewer resources and more regulations, amidst a worried staff concerned for their wellbeing. The non-essential... Read More
Date: 11-17-2020
As the next step in industrial automation, the use of autonomous mobile cobots is increasingly on the rise in facilities looking to maximize productivity, introduce or expand automation, and pursue innovative robotic opportunities. Below, we will answer some common questions about mobile cobots, sharing information about what they are and what they can do. Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Cobots While every manufacturing facility uses automation in some form, mobile cobot applications are a new horizon for many. Here, we will explain the principles, uses and benefits of mobile cobots: 1. What are mobile cobots? The name “mobile cobots” describes two qualities: “cobots” is short for “collaborative robots,” meaning that these robots are designed to... Read More
Date: 10-01-2020
How Do Automation Robots Benefit Society?
Over the past century, automation has made an immeasurable impact on manufacturing, and it continues to do so to this day. From vast improvements in worker safety to facilitating the 40-hour workweek, manufacturing and industry as we now know them would not be possible without automation. You may have heard conversations or read articles positing that robots are in the process of replacing human workers, or even that they may one day take over the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Robots support and augment the work that people do not only in manufacturing, but throughout society, across industries. Automation robots have made an impact in fields such as medicine, agriculture, finance, ecology, conservation and more. It is clear that, looking at robotic... Read More
Date: 06-12-2020
robotic solution
Automation has been part of the industrial landscape for decades and continues to expand as new technology is developed. Designed to fulfill some of the most repetitive and/or dangerous tasks, automation can provide numerous advantages to organizations, employees and the economy, which accounts for its continued growth throughout the manufacturing sector. A few benefits of automation include:  Increased productivity: Since its inception, automation has increased the speed, accuracy and repeatability of industrial operations. It allows work to be completed at higher capacity without compromising quality, giving facilities a competitive edge. Improved safety for human workers: Automation can help reduce the number of employee injuries by accomplishing high-risk, repetitive, and... Read More
Date: 04-08-2020
Robotic automation solutions not only help save floor space, increase productivity, and improve plant efficiency, they are also fundamental in creating peace of mind during uncertain times. Whether it’s a health pandemic, economic recession, political shifts or labor shortages, robotic automation ensures production can continue, regardless of limitations or regulations. Leaders can shift focus to protect the safety of their team members without the fear of productivity loss. Acieta’s robotic automation solutions do not stop working during unpredictable downtime. Our team understands that during this uncertain time, manufacturers across the world are making difficult decisions regarding production and hours. Acieta is here to help our customers prepare for the future while ensuring their... Read More
Date: 01-16-2019
Join the Acieta team!
As the world begins to embrace automation and robotics, there has been a rise in demand for automation specialists. To accommodate growing demand, Acieta has updated our facility and is looking for people who want to help us shape the future of automation. Automation is an industry poised for growth and with that growth comes exciting career opportunities. In the words of one of our employees: “One of the hottest industries; Industrial Automation is on a path of 12% year over year growth – which means for Acieta to continue to be on the forefront of Robotic Integration, we need to grow as well. Robotics is challenging, exciting, always evolving and can be extremely rewarding, but it takes the entire team to be successful,” shared Steve Alexander, Vice President of WI Operations, Acieta. “... Read More

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