2D Vision Training

2D Vision Training

If you’ve already taken an Acieta welding, maintenance or programming training class and want to learn how to create and modify different 2D vision processes join us for 2D Vision Training. This one-day class is perfect for maintenance, process or systems engineers and project leads. Walk away with a solid understanding of the setup and overview of FANUC’s 2D iR Vision. We support most vision systems per request but teach off R-30iB and newer.


• General safety
• Different cameras, lenses, lighting
• Different vision processes
• Connection/hardware setup
• Camera calibration
• Camera focus
• Contrast (aperature)
• Adjust, setup recalibrate, how to implement into a program (use in programming)
• Create vision processes
• Modify current vision processes
• Setup using a PC based operating system
• Review

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises.

Audience: This one day course is intended for maintenance or process engineers, system engineers, and project leads to understand how to work and operate and understand a 2D vision system.

Prerequisites: Any welding, maintenance or programming class at Acieta

Locations: Waukesha, WI and Council Bluffs, IA

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones: