Manufacturing Reshoring Opportunities

Robotic automation helps U.S. manufacturers compete with those overseas. By lowering costs and improving quality, it levels the playing field and makes the U.S. a more attractive location in which to manufacture. For manufacturers, reshoring is a way to take advantage of global shifts, and Acieta has the tools and expertise to help.

Competition Is Global

Manufacturers compete in a global marketplace and can set up operations or source from wherever makes most sense for their business. Many manufacturers that have pursued low labor costs now realize other factors should influence choice of location. Trade disputes, supply chain disruptions, changes in tax policy and shifts in government support all play into selecting the “best” place to manufacture.

Experts agree, flexibility and agility are key to sustained success. Manufacturers must evaluate their location decisions constantly and be ready to take advantage of favorable trends.

One of those trends is robotic automation — this is where Acieta can help. Reshoring companies need flexible manufacturing operations, and Acieta offers a comprehensive range of automation services and solutions to provide just that.

Benefits of Reshoring

Reshoring refers to bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from overseas. It’s the opposite of offshoring, where operations are transferred to overseas locations. Reshoring is closely related to nearshoring, where manufacturing is conducted in adjacent countries.

Depending on the global trade environment, the advantages of reshoring could include lower costs and improved competitive position for manufacturers. Reshoring benefits individual manufacturers and the nation. For manufacturers, the principal reasons for reshoring are that it:

  • Lowers total costs (sometimes referred to as total cost of ownership)
  • Improves quality and consistency of resources used during manufacturing
  • Reduces pipeline and surge inventory impact on just-in-time operations
  • Clusters manufacturing near R&D facilities, enhancing innovation
  • Reduces intellectual property and regulatory compliance risks
  • Eliminates waste and instability caused by offshoring
  • Improves companies’ ability to respond quickly to customers’ demands

For the nation, benefits include:

  • Brings jobs back to the U.S.
  • Helps balance U.S., state and local budgets
  • Motivates recruits to enter the skilled manufacturing workforce
  • Strengthens the defense industry base

Robotic Automation Facilitates Reshoring

Robots perform repetitive tasks with more consistency than human workers can achieve. Plus, they don’t take breaks or vacations. They’re ideal for dirty and dangerous tasks, too, where they improve workplace safety by keeping workers away from hazards.

In industries from food processing and pharmaceuticals to electronics assembly and vehicle manufacturing, robots help increase productivity and efficiency while lowering costs. The flexibility they offer over dedicated automation enables rapid switching between products, which improves responsiveness to changes in customer demand.

For manufacturers exploring reshoring (and offshoring), robotic automation lets them focus on factors other than labor costs. The list includes supply chain security, inventory reduction, IP protection and responding to domestic policy initiatives.

Acieta and Robotic Automation

Acieta has been in the robotic automation business for more than three decades and has extensive experience of developing and implementing solutions that deliver impressive ROI. An enduring partnership with FANUC — a leader in robotics — gives access to a broad range of equipment suitable for a long list of applications. From paint spraying and welding to packaging and assembly, we have a track record of supplying reliable and cost-effective robotic solutions.

Specialists from Acieta can help review opportunities for automation and identify others you may not have recognized. Drawing on our wide-ranging industrial experience, we can perform feasibility studies, undertake reviews and advise on optimal approaches to take.

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones: CONTACT US