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Pick, Pack, and Palletizing Solutions by Acieta

In today’s fast-paced market, every second counts. You already know the power of automation, but finding the right partner to unlock its full potential can be daunting. Acieta’s advanced robotic solutions for picking, packing, and palletizing are designed to tackle your specific challenges head-on, delivering immediate improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and safety. See why top manufacturers trust us to keep them ahead of the competition.

Tackling Your Toughest Challenges

Reduce Operational Costs

Struggling with high labor costs and turnover? Our robotic solutions reduce reliance on manual labor, saving you money and allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks that drive growth.

Enhance Productivity and Accuracy

Frustrated by bottlenecks and errors in your production line? Automation ensures consistent, precise handling of products, minimizing waste and boosting overall output. Our robots work tirelessly to keep your operations running smoothly.

Improve Workplace Safety

Worried about employee injuries and downtime? By automating repetitive and physically demanding tasks, Acieta’s systems enhance workplace safety, protecting your most valuable asset—your workforce.

Scalable Solutions for Growth

Facing challenges with scaling your operations? Our flexible automation solutions grow with your business, allowing you to easily adapt to increasing demands without compromising quality or efficiency.

Reliable, Cost-Efficient Pick, Pack, and Palletizing Solutions

The pick, pack, and palletizing process is crucial to proper order fulfillment, product protection, and minimizing shipment delays. This process can take up a large portion of operating costs, especially when factoring in human error and product damage. Acieta’s efficient pick, pack, and palletizing solutions can significantly benefit your operations.

Custom Solutions for Every Need

Acieta is your partner in designing, building, and installing custom robotic systems to enhance your pick and pack operations. We’ve helped customers across various industries deploy innovative technologies and support efficient automation. Integrating these processes requires leading technology, dynamic software, and engineers who understand your challenges.

Solving Common Industry Challenges with Pick and Pack Automation

Investing in robotics for automation can be expensive, especially when multiple machines are needed for multiple tasks. Acieta’s pick, pack, and palletizing solutions, including autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), fully automate the process, streamlining operations and lowering equipment and maintenance costs, resulting in a higher return on investment.

The Benefits of Implementing Pick, Pack, and Palletizing Automation

Factory Safety

Reduce repetitive motion injuries and increase safety with automated pick and pack systems. Our robots automatically stop if there is a packing error, avoiding product damage and enhancing workplace safety.


Improve useable floor space and ergonomics for employees in semi-automated work environments. Our solutions provide more room, enhanced safety, and smoother operations.

Labor Reduction

Lower labor costs by automating repetitive tasks, protecting products during packaging, and allowing your team to focus on complex jobs. Our robots work consistently and reliably, 24/7.

Data Collection

Introduce a new level of data collection and reliability for traceability with high-quality packing machines. Gain insights and improve operational efficiency with accurate data.

Process Consistency

Achieve more uniform and stable loads, reducing potential damage, worker injury, and losses from human error with pick, pack, and palletizing automation.

AMRs Take the Benefits to a Whole New Level

Using AMRs in combination with pick and pack automation enhances safety, ergonomics, labor reduction, data collection, and process consistency. AMRs streamline the entire process, providing a fully automated solution for material handling.

Enhanced Factory Safety

AMRs use intelligent sensors to navigate safely, stopping automatically to avoid collisions. They adapt quickly to updated layouts or programming changes, further enhancing safety.

Optimized Ergonomics

AMRs eliminate the need for forklift drivers by transporting goods using the safest and most efficient routes, reducing operator-error incidents.

Labor Reduction

AMRs handle repetitive transportation tasks, lowering manual labor costs and helping companies meet goals, even with labor shortages.

Accurate Data Collection

Collect important data about your indoor environment with centimeter-level accuracy for path planning, robot speed, and navigation improvements.

Consistent Processes

AMRs complete repetitive transportation tasks quickly and consistently, improving accuracy and productivity while reducing errors and enhancing safety.

Real Results, Real Impact

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