We love discussing robots! Want to hear Acieta experts discuss everything robotics? Check out some of our featured podcasts!

Robot Integration: Taking Automation to the Next Level

Matt Kirchner, with the Tech Podcast, interviewed Robby Komljenovic during Automate and discussed all things robotics!


Economic conditions, the importance of automation, and a lifetime of manufacturing

Season 9 Episode 2 of The Gunn Show is packed full of insight! Check out the latest podcast from The Gunn Show with Tony Gunn 🎤 and Robert Komljenovic focused on manufacturing, the economy and automation. A must-listen for anyone in the industry!


Robots: Your Key to Employee Retention

SME interviewed Mike Harris, VP of Operations, Acieta. It’s common knowledge that robots help manufacturers be more efficient and competitive, but robots also provide big benefits to people. When robots take over the dull, repetitive and exhausting work, people report higher job satisfaction and better health. In some ways, this turns on its head the standard wisdom that robots are a threat to workers.


In-Depth On Custom Automation

SME interviewed at FABTECH Greg Morehouse. He is the Executive Vice President for operations, Acieta, a leading RIA certified and FANUC Authorized System Integrator. This podcast describes how Acieta defines custom automation and how one should approach the task of engaging an integrator like Acieta in procuring an automation system, whether your shop has three people or 300.


Is now the time to get a cobot?

In this podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses collaborative robots, or cobots, with Steve Apel. Steve is a Regional Automation Manager for Acieta. In this role, he helps solve customer challenges through the adoption of new robotic automation technologies.


Automation And Robotic Welding With Acieta’s John Burg

In this podcast:

  • The greatest challenges for manufacturing in the United States today
  • What steps can manufacturers take to deal with the labor shortage and retain good employees
  • The trends that you are seeing in automated welding.
  • Today's robotic automation includes tools that help get a consistently good part. Are they too complex for a company with no robotic experience?
  • Can robots do all of our welding
  • Are systems getting bigger and more complex, or are they getting leaner and decentralized?
  • What does success look like in automation systems design and build?


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