Robot Installation

The Key To Successful Robotics Installation Is Integration

Installation By Acieta

There are many FANUC robot installers out there, but Acieta applies nearly 40 years of experience to every project to achieve true integration and support over time. Because of our long-time FANUC partnership, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we ensure that their investments will perform and deliver the results they expect. With a national service department that’s available anytime and goes wherever needed to support our customers (large and small) we consider every customer’s success the measure of our own.

WHO INSTALLS MY AUTOMATED ROBOT? Acieta won't leave you wondering how to install an automated robot. It's a sophisticated and powerful machine, and the quality of installation affects both performance and payback. That's why we’re here to handle installation for you. Our certified, experienced and knowledgeable engineers will install your new robot and control cabinet, hook up cables and run through your initial industrial robot setup.

After verifying everything works as it should, our team will take your people through the startup and shutdown procedures, ensuring they know how to use the robot safely. Additional robotics training is strongly recommended to help you get the best out of your machine. Acieta can run training classes at either your facility or in one of ours.

WHICH REGIONS DOES ACIETA SERVICE? You can use our automated robot installation services anywhere in the United States. We'll go wherever there's a manufacturing facility that needs robotic automation. Our engineers and installation teams can get wherever they're needed in just hours. Wherever you want to put a robot, we can help you.

WILL ACIETA TRAIN MY TEAM? Yes! Training is done in two ways and at two locations: yours and ours. First, when you use our robot installation services, our team won't leave until your employees know how to operate your robot safely and effectively. Second, to help maximize the return on your robotic investment, Acieta offers a range of formal, more in-depth training programs delivered by our FANUC-certified staff.

Addressing topics from robot maintenance to robotic vision and welding systems, each class is 32 hours duration.

DOES ACIETA HELP CHOOSE A ROBOT?, Acieta can help assess the FANUC model that’s right for your application. Primary considerations are reach, payload, speed and number of axes. FANUC offers machines to suit a variety of factory and warehouse applications. For example:

  • Assembly: “Delta” style robots are popular in this kind of application, capable of extremely rapid pick-and-place motion. Acieta's assembly line robot installation services include overhead mounting, vision systems and a force-sensing configuration.
  • Palletizing: Palletizing robots often require a long reach to lift and stack cartons from a conveyor, adding interleaving layers as needed. The latest robotic palletizing systems will even handle mixed package pallets.
  • Machine tool tending: Unloading and loading CNC equipment is an obvious robot application, as it lowers costs and increases output. FANUC robots integrate readily with most machine controllers, while long reach and six-motion axes provide the dexterity to load even the largest machine tools.
  • Welding: While robotic resistance welding is well known, gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is also an excellent job for a robot. Robotic welding produces consistent, high-quality beads, regardless of workpiece orientation and complexity.

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones: