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Automation and Robotics: Expanding Your Production Potential
How leading industries are taking advantage of automation

Improve upstream and downstream processes with robot systems

Automated robotic systems allow companies in many industries do more, more easily. They can be used across the entire manufacturing process to increase throughput and accuracy while reducing costs. Robot machines can be configured to take on complex processes and can also be reconfigured if needs change. With automation equipment, manufacturers are able to overcome labor shortages, increase production speed and efficiency, and keep pace with competitors.

With lower operating overhead and reduced waste, robots in manufacturing support green initiatives by functioning in hot, cold and unlit environments. Automation reduces duplicate work and secondary processes, and increases production efficiency so that more work can be done with less energy expenditure. Automated robotic systems also can take on hazardous or highly repetitive tasks, protecting workers and allowing them to focus on higher-level work.


FANUC Robots — FANUC integrated industrial automation systems are an industry standard for a reason. These systems are expertly designed to suit a wide range of automation applications, from compact articulated robots to massive, large payload machines.

FastARC Weld Cells — Instantly increase your capacity and address labor shortages with weld cells, which can keep your welding operations running round the clock without additional workers. Weld cells are ideal for a quick boost to capacity without the planning and integration of a fully customized automation solution.

FastLOAD Collaborative Cells — To increase the efficiency of your machinery operations, look into FastLOAD collaborative cells. These industrial automation products can speed the loading and unloading process, with each cell able to handle up to two machines. Consider a collaborative cell if you have machinery operating at less than full capacity due to labor shortages or if you’re looking to boost speed and efficiency while considering more extensive automation.

Gripper Systems — Without the right grippers at the end of robotic arms, automation could not achieve the results it does. Grippers move work pieces through processes and machines, ensuring that systems are able to achieve maximum speed and efficiency while maintaining quality. We offer a number of gripper types, including astrictive, impactive, three-jaw and more to meet the needs of your application.

RIBS — RIBS, or robotically integrated bending solutions, are industrial automation products for medium- to high-volume fabricators looking to increase the speed and efficiency of press brake operations. RIBS complete all bending processes as well as stacking and other output.

Used Robots — Our extensive inventory of automation equipment and robotics products includes used robotic equipment that can get your automation efforts started quickly and cost-efficiently.

As experts in industrial automation, we look forward to discussing our carefully selected inventory with you and explaining how automation robots can speed up your operations, increase efficiency and lower your overall production costs. For more information about how we can help implement an automation system of any type, scale and complexity, contact us for a quote today.

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