FAQs About Standard Robotic Systems

September 23, 2022

Steve Alexander, Vice President of Operations at Acieta Inc. answers the most common questions about standard robotic systems.

Q: What are standard robotic systems?

A: Standard solutions are pre-engineered to overcome the most common industry challenges, so they’re ready for delivery and installation fast. Each system features a robotic arm and all the software and hardware needed to get started right away.

Q: What standard systems does Acieta offer?

A: We have standard robots and cobot systems for the most commonly automated shop applications:

Q: Are standard systems less expensive than custom systems?

A: Yes. They can cost up to 50% less than a custom system. With the benefits of higher throughput and lower operating costs, most of our customers see an ROI in 6 to 12 months.

Q: Are they difficult to operate?

A: No. In fact, they have simplified programming and an intuitive interface so the learning curve is fast. Nearly any person in the shop can be taught how to operate a standard system.

Q: Who are your most common customers for standard systems?

A: They’re a perfect solution for first-time robot users or manufacturers that want to expand their robot fleet quickly. Large and small businesses see immediate benefits from using a standard robotic system.

Q: Why choose Acieta?

A:  We serve as a long-term partner in automation integration. We have deep technical knowledge and industry experience to solve customer problems, and we continue that support well into the future with 24/7 service. Acieta is a leading FANUC Authorized System Integrator and member of the A3/RIA Certified Integrator Group.

Call 844-4-ACIETA or visit Acieta.com.

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