If you’re new to robotics, this one-day introductory training course is for you! Intended for operators, mechanical engineers and maintenance workers with no previous robotic experience this course will give you a basic understanding of robotic functions and operations. Participants will learn general safety, troubleshooting, controls, teach pendant features, coordinate systems, alarm messages, data backup and more.


  • General Safety
  • Major Equipment & Teach Pendant Overview
  • Robot Axis Identification – 6 Axis Robots
  • Robot Controller/System Components Identify
  • Power Up/Power Down Controller
  • Teach Pendant Features and Navigation
  • Familiarization with Coordinate Systems
  • Manually Jog the Robot/Change Speed of Robot
  • User Frame/Tool Frame Discussion
  • Alarm Messages
  • Types of IO/Monitor IO/Force IO
  • Run a Program in Manual Mode Using The FWD/BWD keys
  • Perform controller backup/load files
  • Review

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