Robot Operations Training

Robot Operations Training

If you’re new to robotics, this one-day introductory training course is for you! Intended for operators, mechanical engineers and maintenance workers with no previous robotic experience this course will give you a basic understanding of robotic functions and operations. Participants will learn general safety, troubleshooting, controls, teach pendant features, coordinate systems, alarm messages, data backup and more.


• General Safety
• Major Equipment & Teach Pendant Overview
• Robot Axis Identification – 6 Axis Robots
• Robot Controller/System Components Identify
• Power Up/Power Down Controller
• Teach Pendant Features and Navigation
• Familiarization with Coordinate Systems
• Manually Jog The Robot/Change Speed of Robot
• User Frame/Tool Frame Discussion
• Alarm Messages
• Types of IO/Monitor IO/Force IO
• Run a Program in Manual Mode Using The FWD/BWD keys
• Perform controller backup/load files
• Review

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises. See training schedule for training dates.

Audience: This introductory one day course is intended for operators, mechanical engineers and maintenance workers who will operate and perform light maintenance on robotic cells but have no previous robotic experience.

Prerequisites: None

Locations: Waukesha, WI and Council Bluffs, IA

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