Robot Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training

Robot Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training

The Robot Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training course was developed for operators, technicians, engineers, and programmers interested in learning how to troubleshoot a FANUC Robot and an R-J3iB, R-J3iC, R-30iA or R-30iB controller. The course will cover major equipment and component overview, basic robot operation, robot mastering multiple troubleshooting techniques, symptom overview as well as Robot PM and FANUC I/O discussion.


• General Safety
• Major equipment/ component overview
• Basic robot operation
• Coordinate systems and jogging the robot
• Stepping through and running a program
• Removing and reinstalling the PSU
• Symptom overview
• Control power circuitry
• On/Off Control
• Troubleshooting when power cannot be turned on
• Main board overview
• Troubleshooting when teach pendant displays incorrectly or doesn’t respond
• File manipulation (Back up/ Restore)
• Main Board and PSU replacement
• Servo loop discussion
• Preparing for robot mastering
• Robot mastering
• Servo amplifier discussion
• Servo amplifier replacement
• E-stop circuitry
• Clearing single chain faults
• Troubleshooting when teach pendant displays alarm messages
• Troubleshooting the E-stop/ Fence string
• Robot PM discussion
• FANUC I/O discussion
• Review

Recommended safety procedures are integrated into all training exercises.

Audience: This course is intended for the person who must set up and record a program on an R-J3iB, RJ3iC, R-30iA or R-30iB controlled robot with a Handling Tool software package.

Prerequisites: None

Locations: Waukesha, WI and Council Bluffs, IA

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