Programming &
Operations Training

Programming & Operations

Our Programming & Operations training course was designed for operators, technicians, engineers, and programmers who need to set up and program a FANUC Robotics Handling Tool Software. Participants will learn general safety, major equipment and component overview, basic robot operation, program structure and more.


  • General safety
  • Major equipment/component overview
  • Basic robot operation
  • Clearing faults and single chain faults
  • Coordinate systems and jogging the robot
  • Discuss the different frames
  • Create User and tool frames
  • Stepping through and running a program
  • Write a basic program
  • Setting the default motion instruction type
  • Create and execute macros
  • Background programs
  • Position registers
  • Reference positions
  • Data registers
  • User alarms
  • Messages and comments in a program
  • Program timers and cycle timers
  • Program structure discussion
  • Programming labs
  • Perform image and file back ups
  • Mastering discussion
  • Monitor, force and simulate input and output signals
  • Review

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