Programming & Operations – Welding Training

Programming & Operations - Welding

The Welding Programming & Operations course is designed for operators, technicians, engineers, and programmers who aim to master the intricacies of operating a welding robot. Participants will learn the essential skills including powering up and jogging the robot, using the teach pendant, setting robot payloads, and managing backups of files and images. The course also covers the creation of tool and user frames, weld procedures, and the utilization of ramping techniques. Attendees will gain proficiency in creating, modifying, and executing arc welding programs, editing these programs, and implementing program branching instructions. Additional skills taught include creating and executing macros, setting up arctool, utilizing weld process schedules, and creating weave schedules. This comprehensive training ensures a thorough understanding of all facets of welding robot operations and programming.


  • Robot Controller/System Components Identify
  • Power Up/Power Down Controller
  • Teach Pendant Features and Navigation
  • Familiarization with Coordinate Systems
  • Manually Jog the Robot/Change Speed of Robot
  • User Frame/Tool Frame Discussion
  • Alarm Messages/user alarms
  • Types of IO/Monitor IO/Force IO
  • Run a Program in Manual Mode Using The FWD/BWD keys
  • Perform controller backup/load files
  • Basic robot operation
  • Clearing faults and single chain faults
  • Coordinate systems and jogging the robot
  • Discuss the different frames
  • Create User and tool frames
  • Perform image and file back ups
  • Stepping through and running a program
  • Write a basic program
  • Setting the default motion instruction type
  • Position registers
  • Data registers
  • Messages and comments in a program
  • Program timers and cycle timers
  • Arc off and on commands
  • Weld procedure setup and modification
  • Program structure discussion
  • Programming labs, in which programs are created, modified, and executed
  • Monitor, force and simulate input and output signals
  • Arctool Setup and Weld Procedures
  • Weld Process Data
  • Ramping
  • Weaving
  • Review

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