Prepare for the Unexpected with Automation

November 23, 2020

Around the world, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers have had to completely pivot normal production to accommodate higher demands, a dwindling workforce, and more regulations on how to safely move forward. Though no manufacturer looks the same, those who have started their journey into robotic automation are experiencing an often unspoken benefit of automation: the ability to continue production during unexpected downtime.


Manufacturers are split into two categories: essential and non-essential. Both groups are experiencing different, unprecedented problems.

The essential businesses are being hit hard with rising demands, fewer resources and more regulations, amidst a worried staff concerned for their wellbeing. The non-essential manufacturers are facing unplanned downtime, drop in profit and the loss of their critical employees. Team members are safe at home, but worried about their next paycheck and benefits.

In both cases, manufacturing leaders across the world are faced with making incredibly difficult decisions when it comes to protecting the health and wellbeing of their team now, and the economic health of their future.


Robots do not stop during a pandemic. They do not stop during economic recession, political shifts, or labor shortages. Regardless of team limitations or legal regulations, robotic automation solutions, robots will keep your production line moving along.

The benefits of automation are making themselves increasingly clear. With comprehensive automation solutions, your team can take the necessary measure to ensure their safety, without you risking a complete halt of operations.

Of course, no operation can remain completely functional, but manufacturers with automation solutions in place will recover quicker, with less impact to production and sales.


Right now, people around the world are finding new ways of moving forward. Now more than ever the work of automation is imperative to protect and support dedicated workforces across the country. And while not every manufacturer has started their automation journey yet, it is clear that one of the greatest benefits of automation is to support the wellbeing of dedicated manufacturers across the country.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic may be the most extreme example, automation can help transition labor during retirements, illnesses, grievance time, maternity or paternity leave, economic downtime, and beyond. The stability and scalability that robotic automation provides ensure that manufacturers can better focus on how to take care of their team.


Right now, automation may be the saving grace for manufacturers who are facing the uncertain economic impact of a global pandemic. And though there are several people still feeling uncertainty around implementing robotic automation solutions, one thing is absolutely clear: robotic automation helps to protect your team, protect your production, protect your customers, and protect your bottom line. When choosing robotic automation solutions, you don’t have to make the hard decision between your team’s safety and economic stability. Automation protects both.

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