Shake Up Your Port Welding

with the FastARC PW (Port Welder)

Tired of the struggles to produce high-quality products on time and on budget? Short on skilled welders? Want to lower your price to be globally competitive?

It’s time to shake up your production with the FastARC PW robotic port welder. Designed in collaboration with a cylinder manufacturer, the FastARC PW is purpose built for the unique challenges of welding on hydraulic cylinders.

The system features a FANUC 6-axis robot arm, specialty grippers, and a ferris wheel carrier for parts load/unload. It is compatible with Miller, Lincoln and Fronius welding units.

Picture this.

Your production line running seamlessly, delivering high-quality welded ports on hydraulic cylinders with minimal errors, all while reducing production time and cost. This is exactly what our FastArc PW delivers. It’s time to shake up your welding and take your manufacturing process to the next level.

How does it work?

Our robotic solution boasts cutting-edge technology that allows it to execute precise and consistent welding on hydraulic cylinder ports, reducing the risk of errors that can impact quality and productivity. Our solution is customizable to your specific needs, with fast set-up times and easy programming, making the transition to automated welding a breeze.

Don’t just take our word for it. Price Mfg shares their experience in this video.

Visit our port welder page to learn more about the FastARC PW. Contact us to schedule a demonstration, and experience firsthand how our solution can revolutionize your manufacturing process.

Benefits of the FastARC Port Welder

Consistent quality

The FastARC PW places the port in the right location and welds a consistent, high-quality bead every time, eliminating scrap and rework.

Simple operation and changeover

The FastARC PW has built-in parameter programming, so operators just enter the cylinder specifications and the system works automatically. No programming or welding skills needed. This makes product line changeover quick and easy.

Higher productivity

The ferris wheel carrier allows operators to load and unload parts while the robot is welding another cylinder on the other side. The robot runs continually as long as parts are loaded and unloaded.

Lower costs

Get in on the reshoring movement. With the FastARC robotic port welder, you will increase throughput and reduce labor costs so you can keep pricing  globally competitive.

When Our Customers Succeed, We Succeed

— Dan Van Eldik, Prince Mfg CEO

“Since implementing Acieta’s FastARC PW, we have seen a xx% increase in productivity and a xx% reduction in production time. Our clients are impressed with the consistency and quality of the welded ports, and we are thrilled with the savings in labor and costs.”

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