Preventive Maintenance

Everyone would agree that Preventive Maintenance is the best formula for keeping your robot operational 24 hours / day and extend the life of your investment.

Justification for Acieta PM Program

  1. Assures correct preventive robot maintenance schedules are performed by qualified FANUC trained personnel to avoid premature mechanical and/or electrical failure.
  2. Current control and vision software backups to insure quick software restore of programs and system software in case of a catastrophic control component failure or inadvertent deletion of data.
  3. Assurance of installation of correct FANUC recommended lubricants and parts.
  4. Decrease of machine down time and loss of production due to undetected problems. The robot will be inspected and tested for worn parts, which would normally not be detected until a down condition occurs. Service and parts can be scheduled so as not to interfere with normal production.
  5. Preventive Maintenance may be scheduled up to 12 months ahead of time guaranteeing times and rates.

Common Problems Detected During PM

  • Damaged seals and grease leaks
  • Incomplete backups of programs and system software
  • Dirty and inoperable cooling fans
  • Loose, damaged and dirty connections
  • Frozen over travel switches
  • Loose mechanical hardware
  • Damaged or brittle cables
  • Slipping axis brakes
  • Damaged teach pendants
  • Faulty switches
  • Limit switches found out of adjustment
  • Low batteries for memory and robot encoder positions
  • Inoperable safety e-stops
  • Axis vibration from mechanical or electrical maladjustment
  • Repeatability problems due to mechanical backlash
  • Mechanical binding of robot axis
  • Leaky air lines
  • Worn grippers and cylinders

PM Checks

  • Back Up System  Variables
  • Back Up Programs
  • Back Up Operating System
  • Back Up Vision Software
  • Back Up Robot Error Log
  • Check For Proper Operation of E-Stop Circuit
  • Check Tightness of Control Screws And Connectors
  • Clean Controller
  • Check Incoming Power
  • Check Internal Control Voltages
  • Replace Ram B/U Batteries
  • Clean Cooling Fans And Confirm Proper Operation
  • Check The Robot Connection Cables And Teach Pendant Cable For Damage
  • Check Mechanical Hardware For Looseness
  • Clean Robot Connection Cable Connectors
  • Check All Robot Cables For Looseness
  • Clean Robot
  • Check For Oil/Grease Leaks
  • Lubricate Limit Switches
  • Check Axis Following Error
  • Check Axis Software Limits
  • Check Over travel Limits
  • Check Axis Hard Stops
  • Check Axis Vibration
  • Check Axis Repeatability
  • Check Axis Backlash
  • Check Brake Functionality
  • Replace Robot Batteries
  • Replace Grease J1 Reducer
  • Replace Grease J2 Reducer
  • Replace Grease J3 Reducer
  • Replace Grease Wrist Axis Gear Box
  • Replace Grease Wrist Unit

Acieta Commitment

The Acieta PM includes completion of all the preventive maintenance procedures found in the proper FANUC Robot Preventive Maintenance Schedules. This will be accomplished by FANUC Certified Service Engineers properly equipped with lubricants, tools and documentation.

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