Lean Machine

A pre-engineered, modular robotic cell


Automating and achieving the lowest cost-per-part doesn’t need to be expensive. Not all robotic solutions require extensive configuration or customization. This is where the Lean Machine robotic cell delivers. Modular and moveable, it enables automation wherever it’s needed in the production environment and supports changeovers and small lots. While it’s standard and pre-engineered, the Lean Machine is also fully configurable.

The Lean Machine enables companies to automate and observe the productivity results and cost reduction with minimal risk.

Designed for profit – increases spindle utilization 30%
Designed for ease of use –common-base mounting simplifies changes to the cell
Designed for versatility – allows expansion beyond machine tending
Designed for results – higher productivity, reduced labor content, better quality and less waste

Lean Machine – Gen 2
The Lean Machine – Gen2 Robotic Cell is a complete system in a self-contained unit. The FANUC M-10iC 12kg-payload, six-axis robot is equipped with the FANUC R30iC controller. This innovative system offers a return on investment in less than two years, while providing the increased capacity you’ve been asking for. The Gen2 is not just a new color scheme — it almost completely eliminates the fixed safety fence (the rigid frame that houses the robot and controls), while including Acieta’s exclusive three-position material shelves. The user icon-based HMI requires no robot experience to run the automated process.

  • Standard package includes the robot, controller and all necessary options for performing the load/unload process
  • Forklift pockets make it easy to move the robot system from machine to machine
  • Anchors are provided for mounting the base to the floor
  • Dual grippers enable the robot to pick up and load either puck- or shaft-style parts
  • PC-based HMI provides a simple operator interface
  • Area safety scanner eliminates safety fencing, allowing unimpeded machine access for manual use or maintenance
  • Rear-access part tray allows finished parts to be removed and replaced with raw material while the machine is running
  • The R30iC controller comes with standard software features that most robot manufacturers sell as options, including Ethernet/IP scanner software, speed control, collision guard pack, motion interface, 4D graphics and so much more

Standard Lean Machine
The Standard Lean Machine supports FANUC Robotics M-10i and M-20i. Easily adaptable to current manufacturing set-ups, it supports lights-out production for maximum increases in parts production. This machine is customizable and ideal for small lot sizes.

Lean Machine

  • Flexible robotic machine tool tending platform
  • Pre-engineered to reduce costs and improve deliveries
  • Accommodates different sizes of parts in the same job
  • Quick changeover
  • Uses FANUC Robotics vision to locate parts
  • Inspection/reject chute for parts with reintroduction via to shuttle table
  • Customizable platform with minimal program touchups
  • Can be redeployed for an array of programs
  • Safety guarding and interlocked access gate
  • Ideal for retrofitting to existing machine tools
  • Post-process capabilities beyond machine tending
  • Supports lights-out production
  • Capable of servicing one or two machine tools

Anatomy of a lean cell

Super Lean Machine
An expanded version of the Standard Lean Machine cell, the Super Lean Machine incorporates the M-710i, R-1000i and R-2000i robot models with payloads up to 210kgs. It uses larger robots and has more equipment locations for expanded cell functions requiring larger working envelopes. It also allows for more inbound/outbound options to handle larger parts.

  • Increased reach allows use of more peripheral equipment
  • Larger cell allows loading, unloading of multiple machine tools and other equipment
  • Larger payloads for safer movement of heavy parts
  • Inbound/outbound modules include drawer units, shuttle tables, conveys, pallet locators, slip sheet racks
  • Part manipulating include regrips, part markers, deburr units
  • Multiple end-of-arm tooling options and associated storage increase cell functions

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones:

Super Lean Machine Gen 2

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones: