Dynamic Machine and Acieta Lunch and Learn

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Come join us September 11-12, 2019, in Troy, Michigan, for a lunch-and-learn for manufacturing leaders co-hosted by Dynamic Machine.


September 11-12, 2019
9am – 6pm


Dynamic Machine
1653 East Maple Road
Troy, MI 48083


9am – 6pm: Cell Demonstration
10am – 10:30am: Job Shop Automation presentation by George Toldy
11am – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 2:30pm: Job Shop Automation presentation by George Toldy

We are celebrating the debut of our collaborative FastLOAD CR2000; an easy to use robotic cell that enhances current operations by doing the heavy and monotonous work while streamlining operations.

Dynamic Machine is a certified distributor of Doosan machine tools and we are proud to join efforts since we share company values: customer centered service, clean work, while prioritizing secure and transparent service.

We will show how this collaborative cell integrates with Doosan machine tools, or your existing equipment. Workers and employers favor this technology, citing it eases strain on the body, reduces scrap, covers the repetitive work, while freeing operators to focus on more valuable tasks.


Are you ready to hire your most reliable coworker yet?
Maximize your output and increase production with FastLOAD by Acieta. Our collaborative robotic machine loading cells are a cost-effective introduction to automation, designed as a fast solution to solve labor and capacity challenges.

To discuss known automation opportunities or discover new ones: